Final Reflection

This semester has been interesting. I enjoyed learning how to create more effective spreads that are interesting.  It was less about typesetting and more about the balance and readability of the spread as a whole. I had to focus more on the concept behind the poster, spread, etc. This was harder because the concept had to be understandable and unique. When we started the chili project, I had a hard time creating a concept for the project.  I ended up going with an anti-discrimination campaign that promotes green chili over red chili. The label was harder for me because I had trouble making an interesting label that wasn’t too busy and showed what the product was.  The beverage project was hard because I had to find a way to package a shake in an attractive way.  I decided to use naked bottles with a yellow cap as my container. The box was simple and maintained a square shape because the bottle shape did not work for a bottle style carrier. I enjoyed making the 15 second spot because I got to use my after effects knowledge to create it and I thought that it went well overall.  I enjoyed the book promotion the most because I got to design around the Odyssey and I have taken Greek for the last two years. I enjoy the culture and was excited to be able to use the design aspects of the Greeks. I asked my Greek teacher about what he thought was iconic about the Odyssey and he said the cyclops story.  So I revolved my ideas around this.  I think my POP was successful and the break from the already used design to a new boat idea I think made my POP eye catching and would draw people to it. Lastly, the self promotion project was difficult because we had far less time to get critique on it.  I think that my idea was good, but had trouble with the production of it because I had little time to create a successful mock up. I mailed it and hope that it stayed together like it should. I worked very hard this semester and in general that paid off.


Final Pdf and Timings



This semester, I clocked a total of 191.24.24 hours.

1.59.50 of this time went towards our initial flyers.

5.39.50 of this time went towards our initial jazz posters.

4.16.41 of this time went towards our Chili and MAE poster.

1.16.40 went to the Art Exhibition Web Spot.

6.29.01 went to the chili app project.

1.34.56 went to the jazz animation.

16.46.16 went to the How Safe Spread.

5.41.55 went to The Secret to Feeling Full.

7.04.40 went to the Stressed Out spread.

20.17.35 went to the Chili Project.

59.41.54 for the Beverage Project.

41:28.10 for the Book Design.

10:10:00 for the Self Promotion.

Odyssey Book Design (about)

I really enjoyed this project.  I found that I enjoyed the research and progress much more because I study the ancient Greek language and so it was fun to use that knowledge to create this.  I asked my professor what he thought the most iconic part of the Odyssey was, and without a doubt he said the cyclops because this is one of the longest and most remembered stories of this book.  I decided to use that as the focal point in this progress.  I tried to also utilize the lotus flower, as this is one story that I really liked, but the elements weren’t working together like I wanted so I dropped that part.  I chose red because I think it is eye catching and symbolizes the blood and guts spewed in the cyclops story.  I added the gold so I could break up the red and black color scheme.  For my POP, I chose a shelf piece that would sit on the edges of bookshelves or tables where the book could be showcased and I added the boat element to change from the design of the book and audiobook. I advertised the audiobook on the POP.  I liked the way that my POP worked and thought it was an effective solution.  All together I think that this is the best piece that I have created in this semester and that I enjoyed it the most because I could really think about a culture that I know about and enjoy to draw my inspiration.

Box for beverage project


I created a box for my product rather than a carrier ( like for glass bottles ) which I thought was a different approach and challenge.  It would be glued on all sides like a box like this would generally be.  It is different and I like that this was where I went with it.

Label for Beverage Product


I used illustrator for the lemon graphic and then inDesign for the rest.  It is a shake, so I used naked bottles with another beverages yellow cap to create my container.  This label wraps around the bottle.  My friend said it looked realistic and legitimate so that seems to be working.  I think that the nutrition side could have had a better solution.

Lemon Logo

Logo so far.  Pretty proud of my lemon, seeing as illustrations are not quite my thing yet.  Still iffy on my font choices.  Might look into more options.  Over all, is nice.  Total time spent so far is about 4 hours.